Sixteen-year-old Lexa Walker has a pretty good shot at becoming the next U.S. Ladies’ Figure Skating Champion, but everyone who hears her name thinks only of her brilliant parents—pairs skating legends Walker and Walker—and of the tragedy that ended their short stellar career.

Training under her dissatisfied father, Blake, Lexa both feels the weight of that legacy and dreams of truly fulfilling it . . . by skating pairs instead of singles. No one skates pairs in Blake’s rink, though. Not anymore. Lexa can’t even speak of her longing to do so without further damaging their already dysfunctional relationship. The only way she’ll ever skate pairs is to find a new coach, new rink, new partner, and the money to pay for it all. Impossible. Until someone offers her exactly that. . . .

Is chasing a dream worth risking a national title and what’s left of her bond with her father? Or is every risk justified for the chance to walk on water?


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  Walk on Water, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts




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