Ghost of a Chance by Laura Peyton Roberts

Melissa Soul is looking forward to a long, hot California summer—one sunny enough to make her forget her parents’ impending divorce and the ugly “For Sale” sign in her front yard.

Her goals are pretty basic: 1) avoid babysitting her annoying little brother, 2) hang out at the beach with her best friend, Chloe, and 3) finally exchange a few intelligent words with Chloe’s brainscramblingly cute older brother, Chaz.

But all that changes fast when Melissa meets the new guy in Chloe’s life. Mysterious and magnetic, James haunts Chloe’s 1920s mansionand Melissa’s dreams. She falls for him so hard that soon everything else falls away . . . including the heartbreaking possibility that he might be in love with her best friend.

Is falling in love with a ghost a dead end? Or is there a ghost of a chance?


From Ghost of a Chance:  

I'll leave you to imagine how well I didn't sleep that night. I couldn't stop tossing and turning. I mean, it isn't every day you meet a ghost.

The thing is, though, by about midnight or one o'clock, that wasn't even the issue anymore. All I could see were James's eyes. I couldn't get them out of my head. And that voice! The way it curled right up inside my ear. It was so . . . intimate. I have to tell you that James was hands-down the hottest guy I've ever seen, dead or alive.

On the other hand, how stupid is it to fall in love with a ghost? Not that I was falling in love, I kept telling myself. It was just sort of a crush. A world-class crush, maybe, but a crush just the same. Infatuation. Still, it kept me up all night.


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  Ghost of a Chance by Laura Peyton Roberts

“Romance lovers will find lots of smooching and girl-talk, spiced with ghostly magic and adolescent wit.”
                    —Publishers Weekly

“Melissa, as narrator, addresses readers in an engaging, endearing, and inclusive way.”
—School Library Journal

“A lighthearted story that is told with humor and sensitivity.”
   —Cedar Rapids Gazette



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