The Diaries

This Clearwater Crossing Special Edition recaps the events of books #1 through 4 from the unique viewpoints of Jenna, Melanie, Leah, and Nicole. A fun and easy way to catch up on the early action, or to revisit books you’ve already read.

Jenna:  I really do want to be a good person. I try my hardest. But things happen, and sometimes I mess up. You try living with five sisters.

Nicole:  Sometimes I think no guy is ever going to like me. It doesn't matter how much weight I lose, or how I wear my makeup, or even how I dress. Because I’m not good enough, inside, and I think somehow they sense it.

Melanie:  Everyone thinks that being Melanie Andrews must be so great. Well, let me tell you—it’s not. Not even close.

Leah:  Meeting Miguel is the best thing that ever happened to me. But does being so wrapped up with him mean I’m missing out on something else? Because I promised myself I’d never miss anything for a guy. Ever.



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