Clearwater Crossing #9: Skin Deep, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Good-bye, Clearwater Crossing . . . hello, California! Well, at least for the weekend. The girls of Eight Prime are on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Golden State, and each of them has her own agenda. . . . 

Leah’s trying to focus on the modeling competition—and the scholarship that goes with it. But how can she strut down the catwalk when all she can think about is Miguel’s marriage proposal?

Melanie is ready for sunshine and fun, forbidding herself even a moment’s thought of Jesse. So why does she see his face everywhere she looks?

Jenna’s squeezing in as many cool sessions as possible at the Hearts for God youth rally. She wants Nicole to join her, but her starstruck friend is too busy keeping her eyes peeled for movie stars—and hoping to be discovered. Will Nicole give faith a chance, or is Hollywood calling her name?



Clearwater Crossing #10: No Doubt, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Every time Jenna gets involved in Caitlin’s life, she ends up making  things worse. How could she have revealed her shy sister’s crush on Peter’s handsome brother? And now that she has, how can she earn back Caitlin’s trust?

Melanie felt certain about her decision to break up with Jesse. So why has getting him back become the top thing on her mind? She knows now she was wrong to say there was nothing real between them. If only she can convince Jesse!

Just because Nicole got in a little trouble, her parents have found her a job—at the restaurant where her perfect cousin, Gail, works. Nicole is less than thrilled to be around such a Goody Two-Shoes until she discovers that Gail isn’t quite as good as she remembered . . . or as their parents think.

In an unguarded moment, Miguel proposed to Leah. He’d have said anything to keep from losing her. But now that she seems on the verge of accepting, he’s on the verge of panic. Is marriage really the answer?

Clearwater Crossing #11: More Than This, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Jesse’s mom is finally coming to Clearwater Crossing, and he can’t wait to see her! But not everyone is excited about her visit. His father is tense, his stepmother is jealous, and his stepsister has turned into a royal brat. Jesse’s had enough misery in his life lately. Can’t his family give him some peace?

Melanie has never felt more alone. No one is there for her—not Jesse, not her father, not even Peter. There has to be more to life, and if she can’t find it in Missouri, maybe it’s time to look somewhere else.

When the bad behavior of Nicole’s cousin Gail almost costs them both their jobs at Wienerageous, it could be a blessing in disguise—except that Nicole’s parents will kill her if she loses the job that’s supposed to teach her responsibility. Amazingly, the restaurant’s boss is willing to cut the girls a break. There’s just one thing Gail has to do . . .

Clearwater Crossing #12: Hope Happens

Everybody knows that cars and alcohol don’t mix. But someone in Clearwater Crossing decides to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks, and the results are tragic. One heart-wrenching accident will change the members of Eight Prime forever as they realize that having faith is one thing . . . but truly believing is another.













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