Clearwater Crossing #5: Just Friends

Bonfires, pep assemblies, and football: Spirit Week has kicked into high gear at Clearwater Crossing High! All Nicole can think about is getting Jesse to take her to the homecoming dance, but he’s not in a partying mood. Nothing matters now that he’s off the Wildcats.

Everything matters to Jenna these days. Dealing with her sisters, earning good grades, getting over Miguel . . . more than ever, Jenna needs a friend she can count on. She needs Peter. But has her best friend in the world found someone he likes better?

Ben is on a mission—to fit in! He thought being part of Eight Prime would solve all his problems, but he’s still invisible at school, and even his new friends don’t really seem to accept him. Then Ben hits on a plan. If he can pull this off, he’ll be the toast of CCHS!

Clearwater Crossing #6: Keep the Faith, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Ever since her mom’s death, Melanie has dreaded the holidays. This year, though, she’s got to put on a happy face: Amy, one of the underprivileged children she’s been a friend to, is spending Thanksgiving weekend with her!

When a kidney becomes available for Miguel’s ailing mother, he drops everything to be by her side. In a moment of desperation, he vows he’ll do anything, anything, if only his mom will get well. Will Miguel have the chance to make good on his promise?

 Now that Eight Prime is this close to buying a school bus for needy kids, there’s no further reason for them to stay together. Nicole’s ecstatic: She’s free! At last she can go back to her regular life. The funny thing is, she doesn’t really want to anymore. 

Clearwater Crossing #7: New Beginnings, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas, Nicole can barely find a moment to breathe. She can’t wait for winter break—until her parents drop a big bombshell.

Melanie’s last-minute holiday plan is just a teensy bit complicated. First, she needs to keep it secret from her dad, and second, the scheme involves a major mileage road trip. Will Jesse’s sleek BMW come to her rescue?

Peter and Jenna have dreamed up the best gift ever: winter camp for the Junior Explorers. But the fun stops short when an Explorer disappears . . . and Eight Prime must find the child before it’s too late.





Clearwater Crossing #8: One Real Thing, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Not only did Melanie fail to resolve her feelings about her mother’s death, she did what she swore she never would: She let Jesse into her life. Now that she’s opened the door, would slamming it shut be a losing move?

Jenna has a secret—a big one—and strict orders from sister Caitlin not to tell anyone. Jenna has given her word . . . but keeping quiet is killing her!

Ben has never kissed anyone, and it’s starting to drive him crazy. He’s determined to get his first kiss by the new year’s end. All he needs is a plan . . .

Leah and Miguel have never been closer, which is why she’s dreading the finals of the modeling contest she reluctantly entered. She’s only competing because the top prize is a major scholarship—but her college plans and Miguel’s don’t line up at all. Can she and Miguel stay together? Or are two very different futures destined to pull them apart?



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