Clearwater Crossing #17: Just Say Yes, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Peter never expected running a day camp to be like this. Jesse is sulking, Nicole’s skipped out on them, and Melanie is flirting with his brother! Jenna has a cold, the kids are acting like pro wrestlers, and bumbling Counselor Ben is about to wear through Peter’s last good nerve. What did he get himself into?

Who would have guessed that little Elton had such a pretty sister . . . or that Ben could have a chance with her? If only he can keep his rep as a geek under wraps, this could be his summer of love!

Melanie and Jesse have seen their ups and downs. First she hated him, then she liked him, then she dumped him . . . and then she fell in love. Their timing has always been terrible. Will they ever get things sorted out? Or is it time to walk away for good?

Clearwater Crossing #18: Prime Time, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Miguel is having the summer of his life. Helping out at the day camp, working at the hospital, and spending every spare minute with Leah or goofing off with Eight Prime is the most fun he’s had in years. To top it off, he and his family are about to move into a house of their own. Can life really be this good?

Jesse can barely believe that he and Melanie are finally together. So how can he leave her? Sure, he promised to visit his mother in California, and Melanie promised to visit her aunt Gwen . . . but can’t they get out of it somehow?

Nicole’s mom is having a baby! How could her parents do this to her? Don’t they know how embarrassing this will be? More importantly, don’t they realize they could all end up with another Heather on their hands?

Clearwater Crossing #19: Now & Always

Caitlin and David are engaged! Jenna knew it was only a matter of time before her sister and Peter’s brother got serious . . . and now they’re planning their wedding. Jenna has lots of great ideas to make Caitlin’s special day perfect. If only Cat would listen!

Ben is head over heels about Bernie Carter, and she actually likes him, too. As long as she thinks he’s cool, everything will be fine—which is why she can never, ever, meet his parents. When Ben’s mom joins the weight loss clinic where Bernie works, Ben understands the old saying: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Leah’s parents trust her. That’s why they went on vacation and left her home alone. No one would ever find out if maybe she weren’t so alone at night. No one would ever even ask. . . .

Clearwater Crossing #20: Don't Look Back, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

The Clearwater Crossing series finale!

The members of Eight Prime have been through a year full of ups and downs, but now summer is ending, and so is their time together.

Leah and Miguel are getting ready to start college apart, and Peter’s already feeling the pressure of senior year. Jenna can’t believe she’s going to be the oldest sister in the Conrad house now that Caitlin’s marrying David. Meanwhile, Ben’s still starry-eyed over the fact that he has a new girlfriend, Melanie and Jesse will be starting the new school year as a couple, and Nicole is starting to wonder if couplehood is all it’s cracked up to be!

None of them can be sure what the coming year will bring. But they still have these last few days of summer. . . .




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