Clearwater Crossing #13: Dream On, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Nicole is desperate to make the CCHS cheerleading squad. But to her dismay, this year’s competition is even tougher than last year’s. She’s got to get some help, and fast. Can Nicole swallow her pride enough to ask Melanie to be her coach?

Throwing caution to the wind, Ben decides to pursue his dream girl and ask Angela out. If she says yes, it will be a miracle . . . but miracles do happen!

Peter is psyched to put on a summer day camp for the Junior Explorers. It’s a big commitment, but he knows he can pull it off, especially if Jenna helps. But his girlfriend seems consumed with her sister Sarah’s recovery from a near-fatal car accident. Does Jenna still have time for Peter, or is she slipping away?

Clearwater Crossing #14: Love Hurts, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Every time Jenna sees Melanie, all she can think about is the kiss her friend shared with Peter. Jenna wants to believe it meant nothing, but her jealous heart tells her that’s not true. Maybe she and Peter never should have turned their friendship into romance. And maybe breaking up would be the best thing for them all. . . .

Miguel loves working at the hospital. Not only does he witness the incredible skill of the doctors firsthand, but he’s making a difference in the lives of sick kids, especially of nine-year-old Zach. The nurses have warned Miguel about having favorites, but he can’t help getting attached to the brave young boy who’s fighting for his life. Besides, Zach’s going to get well . . . isn’t he?


Clearwater Crossing #15: What Goes Around, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Nicole and Courtney have been best friends forever, but Courtney’s me-first attitude has gotten out of hand. Nicole’s tired of doing backflips to stay in her friend’s good graces—and she’s not the only one. It was only a matter of time before someone gave Court a dose of her own medicine . . . but did it have to be on prom night?

Jesse can’t believe he was foolish enough to think Melanie would want to be his date for the CCHS prom. He’s wasted way too much time dreaming of holding her in his arms—hasn’t she made her feelings about him brutally clear?

Melanie tried her hardest to get Nicole on the cheering squad. Maybe that’s why she feels so responsible now that her friend didn’t make it. First runner-up isn’t good for anything. Unless somebody drops out. . . .




Clearwater Crossing #16: Tried & True

Taking finals, signing yearbooks, grad night—school’s almost out! A long hot Missouri summer is just around the corner, and life at CCHS is anything but cool. . . .

Leah and Miguel have been through everything together: his mom’s kidney transplant, their broken engagement, even a friend’s death. Their love has been tried and has triumphed over and over again. But now they’re graduating, and things are changing fast. Can their love stay true?

Jenna loves the idea of learning CPR and water safety with Eight Prime—except that everyone keeps messing up! How can they be camp counselors if they can’t even get certified?

Nicole Brewster, CCHS cheerleader! So what if her arrival on the squad was a little rocky? She has the entire summer to win her fellow cheerleaders over. Not that it ought to take that long!



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