Walk on Water, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Walk on Water

Sixteen-year-old Lexa Walker has a pretty good shot at becoming the next U.S. Ladies’ Figure Skating Champion, but everyone who hears her name thinks only of her brilliant parents—pairs skating legends Walker and Walker—and of the tragedy that ended their short stellar career. Lexa longs to skate pairs too, but is chasing a pairs dream worth risking a national title and what’s left of her bond with her father? Or is every risk justified for the chance to walk on water?  See the book.

Green, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts


Lily’s thirteenth birthday starts off with a bang. A present explodes on her front porch, and soon after a trio of leprechauns (yes, leprechauns) appears in her bedroom, whisking her away to a land of clover, piskies, and hoarded gold. It turns out that Lily is next in line to be keeper for the Clan of Green and in charge of their treasure, just as soon as she passes three tests. And she has to pass them—because failing will cost her much more than gold.   See the book.

The Queen of Second Place, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

The Queen of Second Place

Cassie Howard believes everyone has a talent. Unfortunately, hers is taking second place. No matter how hard she tries, she’s always second best . . . in school, in life, and especially in love. When Cassie discovers new-boy-in-town Kevin Matthews she wants him on sight. But so does conniving Sterling Carter, a ridiculously beautiful preppy princess and Cassie’s enemy since freshman year. Can the Queen of Second Place ever truly win?     See the book.

Queen B, a novel by Laura Peyton Roberts

Queen B

Cassie Howard has been second best all her life, but as Snow Queen runner-up she’s determined to reach new social heights. The time has come to move from Queen B to Queen Bee. But how is she supposed to fly when life keeps pinching her wings? The people she cares about most are mad at her (again), and her nemesis, Sterling, has an evil new clone, one who’s making a hobby of humiliating Cassie—and a beeline for Cassie’s boyfriend.   See the book.

Ghost of a Chance by Laura Peyton Roberts

Ghost of a Chance

Melissa Soul is looking forward to a summer sunny enough to make her forget her parents’ impending divorce and the ugly for sale sign in her yard. Then she meets the new guy in her best friend’s life. Magnetic and mysterious, James haunts Chloe’s 1920s mansion—and Melissa’s dreams. She falls for him so hard that soon everything else falls away . . . including the possibility that he might be in love with Chloe. Is falling for a ghost a dead end? Or is there a ghost of a chance?   See the book.

Get a Life by Laura Peyton Roberts

The Clearwater Crossing Series

When eight students band together to help a sick classmate at Missouri’s Clearwater Crossing High School, they have no idea how many people their efforts will eventually touch, or that the lives most changed will be their own. Follow this group of friends through the twenty books of the series and the Clearwater Crossing Special Edition, The Diaries.     See the series.



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