Before I got my start as an author, I was a geologist and field fashion icon. (Believe it or not, everyone wore those shorts then. The glasses? Not so common.)

The guy in the hat is my husband-to-be. He traveled all over Baja with me dressed that way and married me anyway. That’s a Mexican beer in his hand. Which could have affected his judgement.

I live in San Diego now, with my husband and our very spoiled dogs. We can see Mexico out our dining room window.


I was born in Newport Beach and have lived in southern California all my life. I graduated from Santa Barbara High School, and received a B.S. degree in Geological Sciences and an M.A. degree in English from San Diego State University.

(Black & white photos by Yvette Vacheron, wedding photo by Ken Wharton, studio photo by Paul Savage. Photos are protected under copyright laws and may not be copied, posted, or otherwise used or distributed.)

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